December 13, 2011, 4:47 PM

Microsoft opens its 2-D bar code system to rival QR codes

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Shust points to such groundbreaking programs as Google Goggles and Amazon Flow, which use image recognition to return mobile content, as harbingers of things to come—and wonders why Microsoft isn’t already hot on the concept.

“These programs are predicting a future in which we will just point the camera in our devices at anything we want more information about and we will get it instantaneously,” he says. “I think that this layer of functionality will eventually exist at the hardware level so we won’t have to launch a specific app to get at it. I’m surprised that Microsoft, with the technology it has at its disposal, isn’t making more of a push in that direction.”

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  • I for one believe that Microsoft was very smart. The Tag app is the only 2d barcode reader on the planet that will read QR and Tag. This is a "Trojan Horse" and I predict it is the beginning of the end for QR. Microsoft's platform is far su...perior to QR in every regard. QR is a CD compared to Tag which is the Mp3 of 2d codes. Reminds me of beta vrs VHS in the 80's. Most everybody believed Sony would prevail because it was the more widely used. Boy were they wrong.

  • Also does not make any sense for Microsoft to do this if they plan to fold Tag. Why invest millions of dollars in a losing game. I can think of $53 billion reasons that Tag will be the standard for 2d codes.

  • Talking twaddle, as usual microsofttagmaster. 1. The Tag app is the only one on the planet to read those formats? Nellymoser's Universal 2D Barcode Scanner not count then? Plus, the only reason no one else has done a Tag app or included its API is because MS has made it so restrictive. Having looked into it, I should know. 2. It isn't the beginning of the end for either QR or Tag. If one of them MUST go, then it would be Tag. Not the first time MS got it wrong trying to own something and flushed a stack of cash. 3. If you must compare it to the VHS vs Betamax battle, the comparison would actually favour QR! The most used tape format was VHS due to shortages of Betamax machines. The most used code format is QR... Dollars do not make something happen every time.

    • Nice to have critic Steve. I do not know if you are tracking me but the one time I did click on your name I immediately was infected with a virus so to be sure I will only respond when you have some constructive criticism. I did like your suggestion in regard to the the magnification apparatus for scanning 2d codes at 3mm though. I have been working on a solution and believe you are on the right track. One of the attributes of Tag is that it can be printed smaller than other 2d codes. This is a fact. I am experimenting now with a black & white tag at 10x10 pixel 3mm apprx under magnification and have had some success with only a magnifying glass over my lens as I scan. I have come across a 60x ZOOM Cellphone Mobile Phone Microscope Micro Lens for iPhone that may do the trick but am not ready to commit to the purchase. Does sound cool though. I am a huge fan of Nelly-Moser and can not find the app you are referring to in the Android Market is it for smartPhones or is it a stand alone device? To clarify just in case I was only aware of the advertising and mobile website development aspects of Nely-Moser so any information you can provide would be appreciated. Can you state specifically waht it is about Tags "restrictive"? Do you have a Free Tag Manager Account? I am sorry that you are so dead set against Tag it is a superior platform and for customization (branding) there is no comparison. I am referred to as the Microsoft Tag Master not for my knowledge of Tag so much which is immense but for my ability to create the planets most extreme 2d barcodes using the Tag as my palette, another fact. Google Bret daCosta 2d barcodes and look at the image library. You may even want to take the time to read a few articles that have been wriiten about my design work. Gee you can even see my custom Tags on the home page at Also I have a website so again thank you for your comments lets just keep them more positive. This is not political it is merely science. Only time will tell. d P.S. My company is also a licensed Microsoft Tag Service Provider.

  • @microsofttagmaster I'm not tracking you (ego), I'm tracking 2D code articles, as you are. I seriously doubt you got a virus from clicking my name, please do not spout such rubbish. Tags can be printed smaller because it only contains an ID code that links to the Microsoft website. If you're okay with that it's fine. The Nellymoser app is not available to consumers, only to companies who will have their own branded versions of the scanner. Which means there will actually be a number of scanners available that can read Tag, QR, etc. The first one is 'Lucky Shopper'. This info is not hard to find. I'm not dead against Tag. I'm dead against the tactics used to push the format. I have seen your work, Bret. Pushing Tags yes, but rudimentary Photoshop work at best with very little design aesthetic. That's just my view as a designer of course. I'm not the one who started with the negative comments, Bret. Well done on getting all your advertising in btw.

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