August 16, 2011, 5:04 PM

BMW mobile app enables users to share their favorite drives in 50 countries

BMW lovers can also receive news from BMW and share favorite routes via Facebook.

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BMW owners can share their favorite roads to drive with other mobile app users.

With the release of “The Ultimate Drive” mobile app for devices running Apple Inc.’s iOS and Google Inc.’s Android mobile operating systems, BMW automobile owners can do a lot more than give a friendly wave to other BMW owners. They can tell each other where to go.

The app, released by BMW Group Financial Services, enables users to share their favorite roads in more than 50 nations by selecting a starting point on a map and choosing an end point. Users can share those routes via Facebook or e-mail. To find routes, users tap the Road Stretches button on the app’s home page that takes them to a map. Once there the user can manipulate the map to display any place in the 50 nations covered, then find routes by tapping the Show Me button. A user also can set up a profile, including which BMW model he owns, read news from BMW, and manage app notifications. SocialNav Inc. created the app for BMW.

“Not only does the The Ultimate App app allow us to broaden our awareness as an organization to a vast audience, but more so, it provides us the ability to nurture a two-way dialogue with our customers in an engaging way,” says Ed Robinson, president and CEO of BMW Group Financial Services, Americas region.

Eventually, the app will provide ways for users to accumulate points, but BMW did not say what these points would be good for other than achieving high rankings within the user community. Similar mobile apps are in development for BMW’s Mini and BMW Motorcycle brands, the company says.

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