July 14, 2011, 12:30 PM

ShopSavvy surfs a longboard into mobile advertising

Longboard network ads surface in the ShopSavvy mobile app.

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When a consumer scans a product, the service can present an advertising message.

ShopSavvy Inc. is working with Longboard Media, an advertising network, to present ads to consumers who use the ShopSavvy comparison shopping mobile app to scan products in stores.

Brands and retailers can place their ads in the ShopSavvy app using ShopSavvy’s AdOns advertising platform. AdOns uses a shopper’s current searches, search history, deal interest and location to deliver targeted advertising messages. Companies hire Longboard to get their ad messages to consumers via its advertising network, a large collection of Internet sites and mobile apps, now including ShopSavvy.

Best Buy Inc. is the first AdOns buyer, ShopSavvy says. The campaign features offers, local store inventory status and branded content delivered when ShopSavvy users scan relevant products that are available at Best Buy stores.

ShopSavvy says advertisers can set the criteria for when their ads should appear in the app, including if the consumer is in a certain ZIP code or within a set distance from a retail store.

The goal is to present a relevant ad when the consumer has a product in mind and a smartphone in hand, ShopSavvy says. “We design these to be as relevant as possible to the user’s current buying interest, so offers are not just advertisements, but content that is of real value to the user,” says John Boyd, ShopSavvy vice president of business development and co-founder.


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