May 19, 2011, 12:53 PM

Smartphones fuel mobile ad growth, ad network finds

80% of mobile ad impressions are delivered to smartphone users.

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Mobile ads often appear at the top or bottom of a mobile web page.

Total mobile advertising impressions in North America on the InMobi mobile ad network grew 17% from 769.2 million in January 2011 to 900.0 million in April 2011, InMobi reveals. Overall growth is driven entirely by smartphone impression growth of 37% April over January, the ad network says. An ad impression occurs each time a consumer views a page that has an ad. Mobile ads are delivered on mobile web sites and within mobile apps.

Eight out of every ten mobile ad impressions in North America are now made on smartphones, InMobi says. Further, smartphone impression growth, primarily on devices running Google Inc.’s Android mobile operating system and Apple Inc.’s iPhone, continues to fuel the growth of in-app advertising, which grew by 58% from January to April.

In April, Android devices accounted for 36.9% of all mobile ad impressions, inching up from 36.8% in January. The iPhone had 32.9%, leaping from 23.5%. InMobi says the big jump was the result of Verizon debuting the iPhone on its wireless network in early February. BlackBerry smartphones accounted for 10.3% of mobile ad impressions in April, down a bit from 11.3% in January.

“Smartphones represent an ideal marketing channel—the always-on, interactive and social experience helps to provide reach for brands and a more immersive experience for the consumer,” says Anne Frisbie, vice president and managing director, North America, at InMobi. “With smartphones now representing over 80% of all mobile ads in North America, advertisers and publishers are now focusing on providing consumers with engaging, rich ad experiences. It’s crucial that the industry identifies, creates and tests the best creative executions to fully engage consumers.”

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