January 24, 2011, 4:29 PM

CDS Global Announces Business Intelligence Reporting

The service delivers dynamic reporting capabilities that enable clients to better understand their business.

DES MOINES, Iowa – January 24, 2011 – CDS Global is announcing the launch of their Web-based business intelligence reporting solution, InFOCUS BI+. This highly anticipated offering delivers dynamic reporting capabilities that enable clients to better understand their business.

Kristin Runyan, CIO and vice president of Product Management for CDS Global, said, "Today we are pleased to announce the launch of our InFOCUS BI+ solution, which offers valuable business intelligence reporting and analysis capabilities to our clients. InFOCUS BI+ was designed using best practices and input from our clients to create an intuitive interface, allowing this tool the ability to be quickly implemented into their daily processes. Our clients are able to obtain reports on their own – faster than ever before – resulting in transparency and insight, which provides them the ability to make more intelligent business decisions.”

InFOCUS BI+ allows direct-to-consumer and media organizations the ability to analyze the results of their production, transaction and order efforts through sophisticated business intelligence, all in a simple-to-use interface. Its flexible and intuitive summarizations of data make it easy to review information in multiple outputs that include robust visualization options. Data is logically organized for ease of use, with report groupings that include orders, kits, continuity plans, billing and reshipments. InFOCUS BI+ users can also target information such as specific products, campaigns, continuity plans, time periods, product keys, geographical locations and more.

The Library of America uses CDS Global’s InFOCUS BI+ solution, which enables them to optimize their customer interactions and reduce costs. “Using CDS Global’s new reporting system, we have been able to simplify the process of retrieving relevant data, and we can access a wide variety of reports in minutes, any time of day,” said David Cloyce Smith, director of Production & Online Marketing for The Library of America. “InFOCUS BI+ has eliminated the need to submit requests for information, allowing us to pull data together ourselves – faster than ever before.”

This offering puts essential data into the hands of our partners, which is in line with CDS Global’s commitment to shattering client expectations with valued products and solutions.

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