January 1, 2011, 12:00 AM

Top-line design

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Whatever retailers do, they better test it instead of going with gut feeling, says Paul Kalemkiarian Jr., president of direct marketer Wine of the Month Club, who will speak in a session entitled “How good is your design instinct vs. testing?” “You need to test to see if your design ideas will really deliver a better user experience,” he says.

Kalemkiarian will speak with Tom Funk, vice president of marketing at web design firm Timberline Interactive, and the pair will present actual tests to the IRWD audience and let them guess which design performed best. “They’ll text their answers and we’ll let them know in real time whether they’re right or wrong,” Funk says.

That will be one of several interactive sessions at the conference. Both the workshop and the first day of the conference will conclude with design experts providing on-the-spot critiques of e-retail sites volunteered by attendees, a feature of the design conference that attendees have found informative and entertaining.

The conference will conclude with a wrap-up session led by Richard Ruggerio, creative director for consulting firm Resource Interactive. “I’ll recap the common themes from the previous three days of the conference, poll attendees on what interested them and offer my perspective on where the industry will be focusing in the coming year,” Ruggerio says. That should help attendees prioritize their to-do lists for what promises to be a busy year for retail web designers and usability specialists.


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