July 8, 2010, 2:54 PM

Personalization helps shoppers shop

Consumers say customized product suggestions help them make better choices.

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Consumers want—and many expect—personalized product recommendations, according to a new report and survey from personalization technology vendor MyBuys Inc. and research firm The E-Tailing Group Inc.

In a survey of 1,021 consumers who have shopped online four or more times in the past year and spent more than $250 online, 39% of respondents say they find it very or somewhat valuable if the retailer offers specific product recommendations tailored to their personal tastes and shopping histories. 56% report purchasing additional products based on merchant recommendations at least occasionally and 21% say they do so either some of the time or all the time.

“In order to optimize the customer experience it is essential to understand consumer shopping behavior and deliver a consistent, targeted experience across all channels and marketing vehicles,” MyBuys and the E-tailing Group say in a report titled “Consumer Insights into Multi-channel Interactions: Practical Tools for Profitable Selling.”

59% of shoppers expect merchants to recommend similar products, as well as related items on a product page. Those suggestions can have a big payoff, as 76% of shoppers say they upgrade their product selections as a result of a product recommendation at least once in a while.

Even after a shopper makes a purchase, recommendations can help lead to another purchase, the report found. 46% of consumers said they always or sometimes buy a product as a result of post-order recommendations.

“The customer has spoken and they are ready to receive personalized merchandising,” the report says.

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