March 10, 2010, 12:00 AM

Innovation is key for e-marketers as consumers become more demanding’s Jeff Wisot, vice president of marketing, will talk at the Internet Retailer Conference about how e-marketers can win consumers who have grown more cautious and less passive.

The lackluster economy, combined with the rise of blogs, the declining allegiance to brands and increased retail competition online, have combined to make it more difficult for e-marketers to craft messages that can capture shoppers, says Jeff Wisot, vice president, marketing, for

Wisot will talk about how e-marketers can overcome those challenges at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition 2010 in a session entitled The issues that e-marketers struggle with.

“Consumers now want to be in charge of how, where and when they receive messages, forcing online retailers to adapt to what consumers want, rather than the other way around,” Wisot says. “At the same time, online retailers now have less control over their messages, as many consumers rely on word-of-mouth from family and friends when making purchasing decisions, and on blogs.”

That means e-marketers must run highly adoptable campaigns capable of being refined at a moment’s notice, he says.

Why the editors asked Jeff Wisot to speak:
Jeff Wisot is an innovator in marketing, responsible for many of the unique and eye-catching marketing programs that is known for. He brings 12 years of direct marketing experience on both the agency and client sides. Jeff Wisot will bring his engaging style to both his opening remarks that will kick-off the Advanced Marketing sessions and to the networking event that concludes the group of sessions.


Full details about the conference and registration information are available at

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