December 18, 2009, 12:00 AM

eBay calls on Click Forensics to clean up its site traffic

With site traffic filtered by Click Forensics, sellers on that participate in the site’s AdCommerce cost-per-click advertising platform will receive visitors who are more likely to convert on ads, eBay says.

With site traffic filtered by Click Forensics Inc., sellers on eBay Inc.’s that participate in the site’s AdCommerce cost-per-click advertising platform will receive visitors more likely to convert on ads, eBay says.

“It is crucial that we deliver the highest quality traffic to our advertising partners, and working with Click Forensics will help ensure that we are doing just that,” says Alexis Van De Wyer, director of advertising at eBay Inc. “Click Forensics has its finger on the pulse of the latest in audience verification; working together we will ensure that we are maximizing results for eBay’s advertising partners.”

Click Forensics gathers data on online customer activity from more than 300 ad networks as well as from search engines, online content aggregators and advertising web sites. It then uses this data to filter out online consumers least likely to convert to a sale, enabling a site to focus its ads on more valuable visitors.

Click Forensics also blocks traffic from sources such as software botnets or individuals known to perpetuate click fraud. Botnets, also known as networked software robots, are used by criminals to make hijacked Internet-connected computers send transactions, such as click fraud or e-mail spam, to other computers connected to the Internet. Click fraud is a method of imitating legitimate ad clicks to illegally run up pay-per-click charges.

EBay’s AdCommerce platform lets eBay sellers display cost-per-click ads to visitors based on the keywords visitors use to search for products on the e-marketplace.

EBay says its work with Click Forensics is also intended to benefit affiliate sites that participate in the eBay Partner Network to refer traffic to, since the more affiliate traffic converts to sales on, the more affiliates earn in referral fees.

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