May 11, 2009, 12:00 AM comes up roses as its stock price jumps 42% for the week

United Online, the parent of, had the best performance last week among the 25 stocks tracked by the Internet Retailer Online Retail Index. The e-commerce index was up 3.5% for the week, but did not keep pace with gains in the Dow or S&P 500.

It was a good week for e-commerce stocks, and an even better one for the rest of the market.

The Internet Retailer Online Retail Index, which tracks the share prices of 25 online retailers and e-commerce technology vendors, was up 3.5% for the week. However, the broad market gained even more, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average up 4.4% for the week and the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index ahead 5.9%.

E-commerce stocks are still faring far better than the rest of the market for 2009. Since Jan. 1, the Online Retail Index is up 35.0%, while the S&P; is ahead 2.9% and the Dow down 2.3%.

United Online Inc., parent company of online florist, blossomed into the leader among e-commerce stocks last week, as its stock price jumped 42.0%. 15 index stocks gained, and 10 lost ground.

Here are the best-performing stocks for the week ended Friday, May 8, in the Online Retail Index and the percentage price increase for each:

  • United Online, 42.0%
  • Blue Nile, 16.9%
  • LivePerson, 14.1%%
  • RealNetworks, 13.6%
  • Keynote Systems, 8.6%

    Here are the Online Retail Index stocks that performed least well last week and the percentage decline in stock price for the week:

  • Netflix, -9.6%
  • Overstock, -6.3%
  • Omniture, -5.6%
  • Akamai, -4.7%
  • PetMed Express, -4.7%

    The 25 companies in the Internet Retailer Online Retail Index are: Inc., Akamai Technologies, Inc., American Greetings Corp., Art Technology Group Inc., Inc., Blue Nile Inc., CyberSource Corp., DemandTec Inc., Digital River Inc., Inc., eBay Inc., GSI Commerce Inc., Keynote Systems Inc., LivePerson Inc., Netflix Inc., NutriSystem Inc., Omniture Inc., Inc., PetMed Express Inc., RealNetworks Inc., Shutterfly Inc., Systemax Inc., United Online Inc. (owner of and VistaPrint Ltd.

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