June 16, 2008, 12:00 AM

Shipwire expands into the UK with new warehouse and fulfillment facility

Order fulfillment company Shipwire Inc. has expanded into Europe. It’s opened a new warehouse near London in East Sussex, England.

Order fulfillment company Shipwire, Inc. has expanded into Europe. It’s opened a new warehouse and a fulfillment facility near London in East Sussex, England.

Shipwire says it built the facility to help U.S.-based e-retailers take advantage of the low value of the U.S. dollar by selling more abroad and also to meet the growing demand from European consumers. The company helps e-retailers do business overseas by reducing shipping costs and delivery times by as much as 75%. By storing products at Shipwire’s new UK warehouse, most European ground shipments can be delivered in 2-3 days, with little paperwork, the company says, and returns can be quickly and automatically restocked by Shipwire.

“Shipwire gives small businesses the storage and shipping infrastructure of a leading Fortune 500 business, helping them drastically reduce their shipping costs and times by leveraging the power of multiple warehouses,” says Damon Schechter, founder and CEO of Shipwire. “With Shipwire, as merchants grow they can add U.S., Canadian and European warehouses without long-term commitments, and pay only for what they use.”

Merchants can sign up for a free trial of the European warehouse services at: http://www.shipwire.com/trial. The company also is offering incentives for retailers who schedule a shipment to the UK warehouse by September 1, 2008. New customers will receive a free month of storage space and existing Shipwire customers can receive account credits on future container or parcel deliveries.

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