September 6, 2007, 12:00 AM

BIGresearch identifies variations in online behavior within Hispanic market

Hispanics describe themselves racially in different ways, with those who call themselves Caucasian generally being older and having higher income. They are more likely to shop online but less likely to respond to e-mail advertising.

Paul Demery

Managing Editor, B2B E-commerce

Hispanics describe themselves racially in different ways, and those definitions carry over into differences in online behavior, according to the latest Simultaneous Media Survey by BIGresearch.

The 44.2% of Hispanics who described themselves as Caucasian tended to be older and have higher incomes than those who defined themselves as Other Race/Heritage (34.6%) and Multi-Racial (16%). (The balance identified themselves as Black, Native American or Asian.) The average age and income of those who called themselves Caucasian was 40.8 years and $57,748, compared with 34.0 and $47,873 for Other and 33.1 and $50,139 for Multi-Racial.

There were differences in online behavior as well, with 24.8% of those who put themselves in the Caucasian category saying they regularly shop online versus 22.7% of Multi-Racial and 21.7% of Other. Among all Hispanics, 22.9% says they regularly shop online, 63.2% occasionally and 13.9% never. Among all adults those breakdowns were 27.2%, 62.3% and 10.5%.

The Caucasian grouping was less likely to search online as a result of information received by cell phone (10.9%) than Multi-Racial (15.3%) and Other (15.0%). E-mail prompts online searches for 31.8% of the Caucasian grouping versus 34.4% of Multi-Racial and 38.2% of other. Those who view themselves as Caucasian were slightly more likely to search online as a result of something they saw in a newspaper, 39.7% versus 39.3% for the two other groups.

“The breakout of Hispanic/Caucasian, Hispanic/Other Race and Hispanic/Multi-Racial consumers reveals differing cultural identities within the categories which give a real insight into the complexity of marketing to Hispanics who have their own internal diversity,” says Joe Pilotta, vice president of strategy at BIGresearch.


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