November 2, 2005, 12:00 AM

Crutchfield site refresh boosts integration of Crutchfield Advisor content

Finding the product on is part of the buying process, but so is finding the content that helps sell. A site refresh helps shoppers locate relevant product reviews by linking that content directly to product pages.

The Crutchfield Advisor, a searchable repository of articles, reviews and content on, has been a key differentiator in helping shoppers make buying decisions on the home and auto consumer electronics site. A recent site refresh makes the articles relevant to purchases under consideration easier to reach on the site, tells Internet Retailer.

“We’ve stood out in terms of content, but how we expose people to that content has been something we can sometimes improve on,” says Andrew Stevenson, senior director of To address that, Crutchfield in August made it possible to reach directly from product pages articles in the Crutchfield Advisor that are relevant to the item being viewed. To accomplish that, Crutchfield added coding to the articles on the back end that create a context-sensitive ability to display articles relevant to a particular item being viewed.

A site search under Harmon Kardon iPod, for example, brings up a product page on the Harmon Kardon iPod control system, a device that hooks up an iPod with car audio systems. One click on the reviews tab on that page brings up a product review prepared by the Crutchfield Advisor, saving the shopper the additional clicks it would otherwise take to locate and research the product in the dedicated Crutchfield Advisor area of the site. That initial click also delivers customer-written product reviews on the product.

Stevenson says Crutchfield has linked Crutchfield Advisor reviews and customer-written reviews directly to product pages on about 650 products on Making the content easier to find on the site has had a “profound” impact on the number of people viewing the articles already available in, he says. “That helps the brand and the customers` experience," he adds. “It also has significantly increased conversions among those people who do view that content.”

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