July 28, 2005, 12:00 AM

The engine that could—process full-sentence search queries

UK audiovisual and consumer electronics equipment site EasyAV implements ActivePoint’s search engine for its plasma TV category. 80% of visitors who use the natural language processing-based tool go on to make a purchase.


ActivePoint’s contextual search and guidance site search engine, in use at UK audiovisual and consumer electronics equipment site EasyAV.co.uk for less than a year, has helped lift sales on the site. 80% of online visitors who use the search feature for sales help make a purchase, the technology provider reports.

The feature, powered by ActivePoint’s TX5 Discovery Search Engine, is currently available for assistance on plasma televisions only, but the company plans to roll it out across other products offered on the site once they are cataloged for the engine. The system is a server-side, hosted application designed for integration with existing site architecture.

The tool, which is based on natural language processing, emulates human communication by responding to full sentence search queries visitors type in. It allows visitors to search within specific price ranges and it can identify the product or service most similar to what the visitor has asked for, according to the company. Because EasyAV also provides services including installation and training in addition to products, the tool also generates leads for the services side of the business, the company says.

“By having the contextual system on our site, visitors can get straight through to the product information they want and we have seen sales increase significantly,” says Paul Farrow, operations director of EasyAV. “If visitors use the smart search function we are then far more likely to close the deal.”


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