April 26, 2002, 12:00 AM

30 markets’ Internet access exceeds 60%, reports The Media Audit

The number of adults accessing the web increased by 8.5% last year in 85 metro markets surveyed by research project The Media Audit.


The number of adults accessing the web increased by 8.5% last year in 85 metro markets surveyed by research project The Media Audit. Out of a total adult population in the 85 markets of approximately 128.3 million, 74.5 million accessed the Internet during the past month, The Media Audit reports. A year ago, the collective total was 68.7 million. Of the population in the 85 markets, those accessing the Internet increased to 58% from 54.9%.

According to The Media Audit data, three metro markets have surpassed 70% access and 30 markets have surpassed 60%. "Growth slows after the individual markets achieve about 60% access," says Bob Jordan, co-chairman of International Demographics, Inc., which produces The Media Audit.

Jordan also notes that, not surprisingly, as the Internet continues to grow, it becomes more reflective of the total US population. "The median age is increasing and the median income is decreasing as you would expect,” he says. “The Internet is no longer the exclusive playground of the young and affluent. It`s looking more and more like a very essential utility for people of all ages."

Leading the 85 metro markets in Internet access are Madison, WI, and Washington, DC, each with 73.4%, and Ann Arbor, MI with 70.2%.

The 30 remaining markets with access rates of more than 60% are:
Austin, 68.8
Denver, 68.4
Seattle-Tacoma, 67.4
Des Moines, 67.1
Minneapolis-St. Paul, 67.1
San Jose, 66.8
Atlanta, 66.1
Hartford, 66
Columbia-Jefferson City, 65.7
Sacramento, 65.3
Boston, 64.8
Raleigh/Durham, 64.6
Orlando, 64.4
Cedar Rapids, 64.3
Salt Lake, 63.5
San Francisco, 63.3
Indianapolis, 63.2
San Diego, 62.6
Portland, 62.4
Spokane, 61.6
Reno, 61.5
Richmond, 61.5
Phoenix, 61.2
Baltimore, 60.7
Omaha-Council Bluffs, 60.6
Colorado Springs, 60.6
Norfolk, 60.5
Kansas City, 60.4
Las Vegas, 60.3
Chicago, 60.2.

The Media Audit is a product of International Demographics, Inc., a 31-year-old Houston firm that is engaged exclusively in syndicated, multimedia surveys conducted at the local market level.


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