January 19, 2001, 12:00 AM

CyberCash launches InstaBuy awareness ads

CyberCash Inc., the Reston, Va.-based manufacturer of secure-payment technology and services, is supporting the rollout of its latest payment processing system, InstaBuy, with a three-month TV ad campaign aimed at viewers of CNN and Headline News.

Since January, the company has raised $15 million in capital to support the launch of InstaBuy-a one-click shopping model-much of which will go to marketing, sales and customer support. "We are seriously committed to building InstaBuy as a brand," says Ken Perez, senior vice president of marketing for CyberCash.

To that end, a TV ad for InstaBuy began a three-month run on CNN and Headline News April 5 (fortuitous timing for CyberCash, with the conflict in Kosovo spiking the channels` overall viewership levels). The campaign is aimed primarily at building the product`s visibility among online merchants, Perez says, while helping to foster consumer awareness for the InstaBuy brand as well.

"This is a new breed of advertising for us," adds Perez, noting that CyberCash had a TV spot last year, "but it didn`t have human beings in it." This one has people, an element of drama-and the marketing tagline, "Just One Click. Anywhere."

Other elements to CyberCash`s multimedia campaign include banner ads tied to the InfoSeek search engine, print ads in Interactive Weekly, and a direct-marketing piece specifically targeted at the top 400 online merchants.

All that ties in closely to the company`s new slogan, "e-commerce. Simply."

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